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About Us

For those who live life at full speed, Lightspeed is the only way to keep up. Here, we're breaking the mold of traditional energy boosts with something straightforward and effective.

Our Story

It all started with a diverse group of people - from experts in the beverage industry to adventure enthusiasts and those juggling the demands of family life. We shared a common frustration with the limitations of existing energy solutions. Recognizing the need for something more adaptable and convenient, we created Lightspeed: your go-to source for energy that’s as on-the-move as you are.

Our Mission

We're all about amping up your day, night, and everything in between. Lightspeed isn’t just about avoiding that mid-afternoon slump; it’s your sidekick for every adventure, work marathon, and unexpected plot twist life throws your way.

The Product

Our lineup? Think of it as the world’s smallest, mightiest espresso shot, minus the espresso. Lightspeed is where convenience meets kick, mixing the best bits of coffee and green tea without dragging along the baggage of your typical energy drink.

Our Promise to You

  • Innovation and Efficiency: We believe in the power of nature and science combined to bring you an energy boost that's not only instant but also fits perfectly into your lifestyle.
  • Quality and Safety: We are committed to the highest quality, using only the best ingredients. We prioritize your health and the planet's well-being, ensuring our products enhance your energy without compromise.
  • Community and Lifestyle: Lightspeed stands for a life lived fully and boldly. We embody adventure, connection, and the thrill of pushing boundaries, building a community that shares these values.

For the dreamers, the go-getters, the “just five more minutes” crowd turning it into “let’s do this now”—Lightspeed is your call to action. Ready to ditch the conventional for a boost that’s as relentless as you are? You’re in the right spot.

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